Ways To Get Abundant Dofus Touch Kamas For Game

  • In DOFUS Touch, character progression is depend on the amount of the kamas you earn. The class you choose has the certain attributes which level up by the use of currency in the game. To upgrade some good equipment which is obtained as loot drops or crafted through recipes, you need a lot of dofus touch kamas. In addition, you need to use many pots in tree of savior. All in all, you need some kamas to play well, and we will give some tips for farming kamas in DOFUS Touch.



    1.Kill Monsters. You can get some kamas by killing monsters. And it is a good choice to sell loots to market Sell equipment to NPC or Market, whichever you chose, they will pays you high kamas.
    2. Take advantage of almanax by selling 500+ of each item needed ( 7 days ahead ) and make it have a crazy price. This actually works well and can make you pretty rich in a short amount of time.
    3. You can go kill some Pandala monsters for the artefacts, kill specific monsters for the potion ( in recipe ) and go get some crimson pebbles. 100 crimson pebbles cost 250kk ish but 100 pebbles can make 25 soul stones which can make a 1mk profit.
    4. The forth way to farm kamas is leveling. Higher level you reached, more expensive items you will get. My personal advice, you can level up at zones with the monsters in the same level. You will have more chance to get kamas than you play with a higher level monster.
    5. If you are still lacking kamas, treasure hunts or professions (baking Bred) are good options to help supplement your income.


    At last, it is the easy way to get kamas. You can choose a reliable website to buy Dofus Touch Kamas directly. DofusTouch-Kamas.com is a good choice.