Albion Online a Larger And Stronger Guild: Large-Scale Battles

  • Albion is one of the few that offers large-scale battles, in the MMO/RPG category, including 3v3, 5v5, 10v10 etc. If Albion is one of the few that breaks the boundaries, then why is this community so keen on harassing any guild that tries to pass the 5 man limit? Why are we so afraid of building and controlling something large? There is no doubt that gamers are expecting to get cheap albion online gold.

    Because a larger and stronger guild has more resources than you, or wins more fights than you. Given the guild’s creation date, Valhalla already fought many battles in the world of Albion. While some of them happened more or less by coincidence, there are a few guilds Valhalla fought in long lasting wars. One of these guilds, or better said alliances, was the Envy alliance in the last Beta.

    If in most other mmo's PvE both a mean ( go to higher lvl dungeons) and an end (looting the best loot in the high end dungeons), in albion online PvE is mostly a mean. A mean to be able to equip your gear, to get some gems, all of that in order to make players interact in PvP encounters at their best. Official website offer more cheap gold such as cheap albion online gold for sale.

    It doesn't mean it's boring, Albion effectively made rewarding pve areas places of tension, because they offer the most effective way to be a good PvPer. PvE is good when PvP is involved, because you're fighting over a resource: fame. Quite the same as guild fight over territories that offer the materials they need. Players are always actively attempt to buy albion online gold.