Why does My iPhone keep asking for my iCloud password?

  • This is not a new story about iPhone asking for the iCloud account details on a prompt basis. It’s an old bug and actually gets activated when anyone using the iPhone or iPad device update the existing IOS version of their device. The iPhone follows an iteration process and keeps asking for the iCloud login details. Even if you enter the Apple iCloud password, it quickly starts asking for it again.

    Your iPhone device stuck in this annoying iCloud login loop is sometimes quite frustrating. Taking help from the certified Apple experts upon giving a call at the iCloud phone number, is really a good idea.

    There are certain strategies that can help iOS device users get rid of this problem.  Some of them are mentioned below

    • Turn off or Power off Your Device
    • Sign Out of the iCloud Account
    • Check if there is no server downtime
    • Reset iCloud Password
    • Backup and Restore data

     Steps to Turn off or Power off Your Device

    • Press the Sleep/wake button on the top of iPhone device
    • Do it for 5 seconds until the power-off slider appears on the device screen.
    • Move your power off slider in the right direction and wait for 30 seconds to see the device screen completely get blank
    • Now again, press the Sleep/Wake button again to Switch-On the iPhone device

    Once the device power is ON, it takes a while to get the iCloud account enabled. As the account gets enabled, you will be asked to enter the login credentials. Enter the Apple iCloud login id and password one more time to get things streamlined.

     Steps to Sign Out of iCloud Account

    • Unlock your iPhone device and go to menu section to Tap on setting gear icon.
    • In Settings Look for iCloud option and Tap on it
    • As the new slide is displayed on the device, scroll down and tap on Sign-out
    • Now again sign-in to iCloud account by entering authentic login id and Password.

    Hope this will end all the problems related to continuous prompts on iPhone device.


    How to Check if there is no iCloud Server Downtime?

    The iCloud server status can be checked very easily and correctly just by clicking on the link on your Mac or iPhone device


    There is a possibility that due to server downtime issues or slow responsiveness or internet issues, iCloud account login prompts are occurring consistently. Give some time to Apple to get this resolved ASAP or contact technical experts through iCloud Contact number

    • Reset iCloud Password If You Have Forgotten the same

    If none of the strategies mentioned above, has worked in your favor then it is advised to reset Apple iCloud password as you might have forgotten the same and entering wrong login credentials. This is the only reason, the iCloud login option is prompting again and again. Get your iCloud password changed by resetting it with the help of recovery phone number, email address or by answering security questions.


    • Backup and Restore

    Get your iPhone data backed up on Mac device as you won’t be able to rely on iCloud Backup. As resetting iCloud password didn’t work, the only options left is to backup the iOS device and then restore your phone factory settings to default.